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DirectorTijuana Ministry

  • See the big picture-Keep our focus on the journey for all, not on being heroes. 

  • Plans Core Team Meetings on a regular schedule Set agenda to include all the aspects that need to happen and find someone to do the tasks.

  • Arranges for build site scouting trips to Tijuana.

  • Binders-Keep the master copy and made sure all volunteers have all data and have binders assembled by assistants.

  • In TJ:  Keep things running- Support and Check on all leaders to make sure all is going on schedule and to avoid issues.  Solve problems, conflicts and deficits.  I use visiting all sites to make sure all is going smoothly and solving glitches. 

  • Daily Announcements during week -Keep in touch with leaders to make sure the business things are addressed, lunches, times for excursions etc.

  • Hospitality- Make sure lunch and dinner invitations are extended to our families, past and present.  Invite local priests and staff to dinner. 

  • House Blessings- Set times and bring all supplies needed

  • Departing- Review departing Transportation Plan with logistics coordinator.  

  • Do a passport check and check off each car as they leave.  Perform final site check to before leaving for border.

  • Contact point for cars to check in when they arrive home or at their destination on Saturday. Can use team leaders for this.

  • Encourage reflections for our websites (everyone) and an Article for Valley Catholic (Joanna).

  • Announce Due date for all receipts to Mike O’Connell.



  • Coordinates all aspects of the construction program.

  • Arranges for Construction Team meetings.

  • Members travel with Advance Team for prep before travelers arrive. 

  • Prepares lists of materials and tools.

  • Procures building materials and tools.

  • Arranges transportation of build materials/ tools.

  • Arranges pre-build events. 

  • Works with Safety, Plumbing and Electrical leads to do training during pre-builds.

  • Ensures overall construction safety.

  • Oversees all job site foreman. 

  • Evening Construction planning meetings. 

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Job Site Lead(s) and Job Site Translator(s).


  • Organize all aspects of the Mother’s Outreach Program.

  • Procures required materials.

  • Prepares crafts/ activities Coordinates.

  • Arranges for transportation of materials.

  • Maintains budget for Mother’s Program.

  • Knowledge of Spanish required.

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Mother's Program Assistant(s).

Mother's ProgramLead


  • Coordinates all aspects of the Children’s Outreach Program.

  • Procures required materials.

  • Prepares crafts/ activities.

  • Maintains budget for Children’s Program.

  • Arranges for transportation of Materials.

  • Knowledge of Spanish preferred.

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Children's Program Assistant(s).

  • See also Job Description: Children’s and Teens Leadership Roles.

Children's ProgramLead

Teen ProgramLead


  • Coordinates all aspects of the Teen Outreach Program.

  • Procures required materials.

  • Prepares crafts/ activities.

  • Maintains budget for Teen Program.

  • Knowledge of Spanish required.

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Teen Program Assistant(s).

  • See also Job Description: Children’s and Teens Leadership Roles.

Safety TrainingLead


  • Responsible for coordinating Safety training on Sunday of the trip which focus on proper safety and tools training for all program travelers.

  • On-site point-person for tools/safety questions while on the trip

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Safety Training Assistant(s) and Job Site Safety Person(s).

  • Note the Job Site Safety Person(s) is also in charge of safety on the jobsite for any pre-trip sessions requiring tools.



  • Prepares daily meal plan for the week and coordinates with local lead cook pre-trip. 

  • Supervises local cooks and assures food handling practices are followed. 

  • Supervises travelers for lunch preparation and any breakfast and dinner preparation without local cooks.

  • Liaise with local staff to assure kitchen appliances are working.

  • Procures all kitchen-related and home-site related supplies (pots, pans, containers, water jugs, coolers, cleaning supplies, etc.)

  • Procures initial food and beverages needed, supplements with local shopping in Tijuana following food guidelines.

  • Oversees kitchen cleaning.

First AidLead


  • Prepares emergency response instruction documents for first aid kits including local phone listings, coordinates, and maps.

  • Conducts training sessions with volunteers assigned to First Aid.

  • Stocks first aid kits.  Arranges for transportation to TJ of the kits and defibrillator. 

  • Assures kits are at all sites each day.

  • Serves as primary first aid point person while in Tijuana.

  • Oversees the First Aid assignments positions.

Home SiteLead


  • Travels with the Advance team before travelers arrive to assure all facilities are properly cleaned and ready for use including sleeping rooms and bathrooms.

  • Stocks all facilities as needed before travelers arrive (shower curtins, window coverings, floor mats, soap, water, cups, paper towel, etc).

  • Arranges for sufficient fans for sleeping areas. 

  • Oversees locals for daily cleaning of bathrooms, sleeping areas, eating areas, meeting space and kitchen.  Arranges for  maintenance & repairs, and other facility needs.

  • Prepares a daily site plan and arranges for payment of cleaning, security, portapotties and other parish requirements. 

  • Arranges for shade and outdoor lighting as needed for eating and programs. 

  • Arranges for hand out of T-Shirts on first night.

  • Coordinates Family Gift boxes and Photo Poster ready for House Blessings. 

  • Conducts end of trip clean up, packing and transportation of materials. 

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Home Site Lead Assistant.



  • Coordinates, prepares, arranges Tijuana-based field trips (e.g. Case Migrante, Border Wall, etc.).

  • Plans, prepares Masses, Reflection times. And Final Evening service in Tijuana.

  • Prepares any worship/reflection aids

  • Plans any pre-trip educational programs (related to issues of poverty, immigration reform, social justice, etc.)

  • Serves as “spiritual director” for group.

  • Identify Musicians and provide sheet music as needed volunteers.

  •  Oversees the following assistant positions: Reflection Lead Assistant(s).



  • Provides assistance and promotes parish or other fundraisers for the Tijuana Ministry.

  • Helps Recruit volunteers to staff fundraisers as needed.

  • Focus is on individual fundraising efforts of trip participants to meet their minimum fundraising goals.  Supports travelers with their home pages to do on-line fundraising via email or other media.

  • Communicates regularly with travelers to encourage their fundraising efforts.

  • Creates and disseminates fundraiser advertising materials.

  • Sends “Donation Thank-You” letters.

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Fundraising Assistant.


  • keeps and maintains master binders of required paperwork.

  • ensures trip payments have been made.

  • Oversees preparation of travel binders.

  • Works with assistants to complete these tasks.

  • Plans for Group photos for family gift poster.

Registration SupportLead


  • Manages Traveler database after traveler  registration.

  • Prepares traveler team lists for program leaders.

  • Prepares Parish Leaders with traveler check list to help manage collection of all items needed from travelers.

  • Purchase Travel Insurance.

  • Arrange for housing in Tijuana and publish housing assignments.

  • Work with construction for preparation of Border crossing documents.

  • Prepare Traveler Transportation Plan and update for return travel. 

  • Travel on Scouting Trips to assure facilities in order.  Assist construction with sketches of housing floor plans and information about selected families. 

  • Prepares First Day Assignment listing.

  • Oversee development and posting of Daily Schedule for TJ.

  • Order T-shirts.

  • Arrange for TJ Family Gifts.

  • Prepare daily Site Plan and Liaise with TJ staff personnel to arrange for needed facilities.

Pre-Trip Logistics



  • Communicates expense reimbursement deadlines for post travel submission.  Receives receipts and processes reimbursements.

  • Prepares post travel Treasurer’s report including P&L and Balance sheet data.  

  • Collects/oversees all individual travel fees.

  • Oversees fundraising donations.

  • Works with parish finance council on accounting as needed.

  • Sends BASICS tax donation letters.

  • Oversees the following assistant positions: Treasurer Assistant.

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