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Driver Information

We travel to Tijuana with individual cars and trucks of the participants. Therefore, we appreciate in advance your willingness to drive. This page overviews the driver information.

We need a copy of your Driver’s License and proof of insurance as per Dioceses requirements.  We will reimburse you for the cost of gas if your remit your gas receipts for the trip. If you choose to donate the cost, keep your receipts for taxes and you odometer readings for your tax consultant.  It should be about 1000 miles.



  • Paperwork binder (It has maps, permission slips and copies of documents)

  • Copy of vehicle registration

  • Written permission to use the vehicle if it is not registered to you.

  • Copy of US insurance

  • Copy of Mexican insurance (We will purchase for you.  Fill out the form on the application page)

  • Spare set of keys

  • First aid kit

  • Car sick bag and paper towels

  • Water

  • Cell phones and numbers of other drivers


  • Teens should always have a buddy

  • The “Navigator” should control the radio, not the driver.

  • We should arrive in San Diego ready to cross the border.

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