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  Casa 1


  • Margarita Magaña.

  • Gerardo Hernandez.

  • Gerardo 18 yrs.

  • Angeles 14 yrs.


The Family was promised a house by a group last year, so they tore down their house to prepare the lot for construction. Unfortunately, the group never showed to build. The family used some of the materials they had left to build one room and an outdoor bathroom. Their daughter is in school and son attends college. They are very exposed to the elements in the current situation.


  Addition to Home

  • ​Karley Martinez.

  • Gustavito 11 yrs.

  • Her Father and a son 3 yrs.

Karely is caregiver to 11 years old Gustavito, whose parents aandoned him at 2 weeks old because he was born with spina bifida. Over his short lifetime, Gustavito has had multiple surgeries that often.

Money was raised for this project and we hired our usual construction workers to build the homes to keep them employed. They usually recelve the bulk of their income from American Groups.


For information please call


Monica Rising  1-408-307-4871.

Jesse Perez 408-690-6672 for Español


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