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Application and Registration


Apply for the 2023 Tijuana Ministry Trip


The Tijuana Ministry 2023 Mission Dates are July 1-8. We will have the building program and we also hope to have the children's program. We will also need people to work in the kitchen or the home-site.


We have a separate Application and Registration process. Registration will occur only after your application has been accepted. Note the important dates & instructions below.  

  1. Applications are Open.

  2. 03/18/2023 Application Deadline: Applications must be received by this date.

  3. Our target group size is about 60 people. We will adjust as we get applications if we can. 

  4. 05/15/2023 Payment & Registration Completion Deadline: You need to have all your travel requirements fully completed by this date (e.g. fingerprints, passport, medical forms, etc.) and have paid your travel fees. All those requirements are listed below. If you do not complete all your requirements, we will release your spot to someone else.


IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, YOU MUST TRAVEL WITH A PARENT OR AN ADULT CHAPERONE OVER 25 YEARS OLD. We recommend travelers be going into high school (about 13 years old).  We may make an exception if the family is traveling. There is no upper age limit, but you should be in good health.

Note: If you do not have a passport or your passport will expire sooner than six months from the time you are in Mexico, please apply for or renew your passport immediately.  There can be delays in acquiring them.


Age - Adults . Men and women of many ages travel with the Tijuana Ministry, from young adults to seniors.


Youth Requirements. Because the Tijuana Ministry is an immersion experience to a foreign area we set the minimum age for traveling to be those who are entering high school, typically 13 or 14. All minors must travel with a parent or guardian over 25.

  • All participants should be in good health.

  • Our experience is that the daily routine and program logistics combined with the need for constant safety awareness may be too rigorous for middle school or younger aged travelers and we discourage participation until high school. However, to accommodate a family participating in the ministry, a child of middle school age may be considered to travel on a case by case basis and must travel with a parent.

  • All youth travelers must participate in our youth safety trainings and travel orientation programs. If during these required sessions program leaders become concerned about the maturity and safety awareness of a youth traveler, regardless of age, we reserve the right to delay participation in the Tijuana Ministry to future years.

  • US passport or green card valid for 6 months after return

  • Age 18 and older: Fingerprinting (background check) by Diocese of San Jose. Do not need to renew if currently on file with Diocese.

  • Age 13 to 17: Completion of VIRTUS on line training yearly or proof of participation certificate.

  • Adults 18 and Up: Completion of on line VIRTUS training or certificate of completion within last 3 years.

  1. Submit Online Application – complete one for each traveler

  2. After acceptance notification in April, pay travel fees.

  3. Get Passport NOW! - Everyone needs a current US passport or green card  ▪ Visa not required if US Citizen ▪ Some resident aliens must apply for visas ASAP

  4. Once accepted, provide copies of:

  • Medical Information and Waiver forms

  • Fingerprinting (LiveScan) from Diocese of San Jose for age 18+

  • Completion of on line VIRTUS training

  • Driver's insurance (drivers only) and proof of car insurance

  • Youth Conduct and Discipline form (minors only)

  • Attend safety training meetings, orientation meetings and final travel planning meeting.

Fingerprinted. Participants age 18 and older must be fingerprinted (live scan) for the Diocese of San Jose. This is due to safety of traveling minors.

Passport. You must have a passport or a resident green card valid for up to 6 months after the date of the trip.

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