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About Us

Acerca de Nosotros

While engaging in community service, members of the Tijuana Ministry are invited into dialogue with community members to share our friendship, understanding, faith, hope and love to create long-lasting bonds with God's people on both side of the US-Mexican border.

While in Tijuana, we take time to really look at the area, learn about the issues and try to understand what it is like to live there. Everyone helps in some way - whether building here or in Tijuana, working in our Children’s and Mother’s programs, helping on the logistics teams, providing financial support, helping with fundraising, donating needed goods or praying for us and the people of Tijuana.

Our Tijuana Ministry has four areas of focus: house building, children’s outreach program, mother’s outreach program, and social justice. 


The Tijuana Housing Ministry builds houses for families in desperate need.  These families are selected by the parish of St. Eugenio in Tijuana. Construction is done in cooperation with Yerba Buena High School shop classes in San Jose, California who pre-build the walls for the houses.  They also share their facilities for members of our ministry to join in and build the trusses, which are then transported to Tijuana.   Houses are built and finished with painting inside and out, electricity, plumbing and sewer. See a layout of the houses.

Mother’s Program

The mother’s program aims at building relationships and community among the women of Tijuana. Many families in the parish migrated from other parts of Mexico and South America looking for work.  Many of the mothers don’t know each other and don’t have opportunities to socialize.  The mother’s program was developed to help build a sense of community amongst the mothers.  In addition to craft projects, the mother’s program also provides some lessons on health, nutrition, finance, relationships and catechism. We had more than 50 participants in our Mother's Program last year.

Children’s Program

The children’s outreach program centers on providing children in the area with safe, fun activities, as well as some educational content and catechism.  We also provide the children with a snack each day, and some donated toys at the end of the week.  More than 170 children from the local community joined us for the program last year.

Social Justice

The immersion experience allows travelers to interact with local residents and become aware of the issues of justice the poor of Tijuana face day to day.  Tijuana Ministry provides an up-close opportunity to learn about local conditions and gain understanding of the difficulties faced by the local residents.  We visit the memorial at the US-Mexican Border, and Casa del Migrante, a homeless shelter for migrants and recently deported men.  We attend mass with the community and host discussions with local families.

Please spread the word about this project to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Invite them to join us in reaching across the borders of nations, poverty, and prejudice.